Image by Dikaseva

Firetree Philanthropy exists to support systemic work that addresses some of the most pressing social challenges facing communities in South and Southeast Asia.


We define ‘systemic work’ as: addressing the root causes of problems, which are often deeply embedded in networks of cause and effect.


We see it as an intentional and collaborative process designed to alter the root causes of the current situation in a community or system, so that the community or system becomes more equal, just and inclusive for all members.


Partnership and collaboration are essential to achieving this. No one organisation can achieve this alone.


Firetree Philanthropy is not a legal entity but rather one of two philanthropic internal programs of the Firetree Trust, which was endowed by Richard Paul “Dick” Haugland - a philanthropist, scientist and entrepreneur. 


Firetree Trust does not intend to exist in perpetuity but rather to effectively allocate all its assets (financial and non-financial) towards achieving its mission.