This Life 

Our Partnership

This Life's  mission is to listen to, engage with and advocate alongside children, families and communities as they define and act on their own solutions to complex social challenges.  

Working alongside community residents, listening to their insights and acting on their input, This Life has developed a sustainable, empowering and replicable approach to development.

Sustainability is fundamental; there are entry and exit strategies for all of This Life's work so that over time its involvement decreases as capacity and skills increase within communities.

This Life runs a number of programs working with children, families and in communities, as well as having an established research unit. For example, This Life in Family (TLIF) supports families at risk of separation due to a parent or caregiver entering prison. These children are also more likely to drop out of school due to financial pressures or having to take care of younger siblings.

This family instability can also lead to the separation of siblings and at worst, result in children being placed in institutional care. TLIF provides emergency interventions, referrals, interim financial support and longer-term case management.

This Life Beyond Bars (TLBB) works with young adults in prison who are nearing
the end of their sentence. Our goal is to ease their reintegration into their communities when they are released.


Before the program began in Siem Reap Prison, 60% of juveniles released from prison were reoffending within the first 6 months. The recidivism rate of students who complete our program has been cut to just 2%.

Siem Reap, Cambodia.

We are supporting This Life with unrestricted funding to implement and further develop their work, where needed, in response to changing needs in Cambodia. 


We have also funded an initial scoping study to map the needs and stakeholders in
two other contexts to critically explore if the proven model of the This Life Behind Bars program can add value to other juvenile justice support systems in the ASEAN region.