Why We Give Grants

Fundamentally, we see philanthropy as the best way that we can support high-impact social purpose organisations and networks to continue to bring about lasting, positive change in their communities.


Our role is to be in the background providing them with the financial means and partnership to support them to continue to learn, adapt and develop, as needed, to changing needs. 


We work with local organisations that have the in-depth contextual knowledge and legitimacy to do this effectively.




In line with all the work that Firetree Trust does, the overarching goal of our philanthropy is to support work that brings about long-term positive change in communities.


We define ‘long-term positive change’ as: addressing the root causes of problems, which are often deeply embedded in networks of cause and effect.


We see it as an intentional and collaborative process designed to alter the root causes of the current situation in a community, so that the community becomes more equal and inclusive for all members.


Partnership and collaboration is essential to achieving this goal. No one organisation can achieve this alone – least of all us.

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