PEPY - Empowering Youth


PEPY works with youth in rural areas outside Siem Reap, Cambodia, connecting them to the skills, opportunities and inspiration needed to reach their full potential:

• PEPY runs Dream Management classes to high school students in specific
target areas, introducing them to employment opportunities, scholarships and
offering life-skills capacity-building.
• PEPY’s Scholarship Program gives disadvantaged students access to higher
education by providing tuition, healthcare, mentorship, living allowance and
access to the Learning Center.
• PEPY’s Learning Center provides students with context-driven, criticalthinking-style instruction in English, ICT and wider skills (such as communication, program management, and teamwork) classes – subjects which are are highly valued by Cambodian employers, yet lacking in most public education settings.

To date: 147 PEPY Scholarships have been provided; 100% of PEPY Scholars who
have graduated have found skilled employment. Over 2000 high school students have attended our Dream classes, increasing university entrance rates at our target high schools and over 300 university students have received skills training at the Learning Center.


Siem Reap, Cambodia

Our Partnership

We are supporting PEPY with core funding. The goal of is to facilitate the continued
development and delivery of PEPY’s approach to enabling rural young Cambodians
to access the skills, opportunities and support they need to succeed in higher
education and employment.

Our support is particularly with a view to supporting the development of PEPY’s next strategic plan in 2019.


Many of the team are former PEPY scholars themselves and PEPY works in close
collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders including community members,
parents, schools, tertiary education institutions, a wide range of employers and


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