During 2019 we have built a group of companies and foundations in Asia to ensure we can be as effective as possible in achieving our mission. You can read more about this here.

We are now structured as follows: two trusts, a charitable foundation in Hong Kong and an operating company in Singapore. Our two trusts have specific mandates, in line with Dick Haugland’s legacy, but managing them through a single trust company allows for operational and financial efficiency. Making our grants through a charitable foundation allows an additional level of expertise and oversight to support our team.



The Firetree Trust supports our charitable work to fund Asia-based non-profit organizations and the Tondo Community Initiative in Manila. Our Starfish education programs are funded through a separate and dedicated charitable trust, Starfish Education Trust. The trusts have a single protector, Francesco Caruso, and corporate Trustee, Firetree Advisory Pte. Ltd.



Incorporated in Singapore, Firetree Advisory Pte. Ltd is the Private Trust company that manages the assets held in trust, develops and fosters partnerships with the organizations we fund through our charitable foundation and employs key staff to design our strategies and develop our initiatives in the Philippines and Thailand. 



Our grants are made by the Firetree Asia Foundation Limited, a charitable foundation registered under the laws of Hong Kong. The foundation’s directors all work on a voluntary basis and support Nicky Wilkinson in overseeing and fostering our philanthropic partnerships.


Our Team

Nicky Wilkinson

Director of Philanthropy, Firetree

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Terri Jayme-Mora

Special Projects Lead, Firetree

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Dr. Nanthaporn Seributra

CEO, Starfish Education

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Chiara Ka'Hue Cattaneo

Coordinator of Tondo Community Initiative 

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Michael Fua

Director for Organizational Effectiveness, Tondo Community Initiative

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Mark Cox

Operations Coordinator, Firetree Advisory 

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Francesco Caruso

Managing Director, Firetree Advisory & Firetree Asia Foundation

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Jessica Pracey-Smith

Director, Firetree Advisory

Wendy Wae Yee Choi
Director, Firetree Asia Foundation

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Sophea Kuy

Director, Firetree Asia Foundation

Joanna Lee

Director, Firetree Asia Foundation

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