Nyaya Health Nepal

Our Partnership

Nyaya Health Nepal provides quality, accessible, integrated healthcare to
underserved communities in Nepal, working in partnership with the government of

We champion quality healthcare and ensure accessibility to the overall public
healthcare system for everyone. We work in an area heavily impacted by the civil war in the Far West Province, and in an epicenter of the 2015 earthquakes in Province 3.

With more than 350 staff, we serve over 200,000 community members each year.
Our integrated care model has three components:
1. Training healthcare workers and improving the quality of government-owned
2. Home-based care, delivered by community health workers
3. Electronic Health Records, optimizing care between facilities and homes

Within our system, we conduct research that shapes national policy and practice

Achham and Dolakha Districts, Nepal.

We have supported the transition toward greater autonomy of Nyaya Health Nepal.
We are currently observing the piloting of its integrated health care model at municipal level, which could in our opinion be an exciting model for interaction with the local governments tasked with providing healthcare in underserved areas of Nepal and avoid the long-term inefficiencies caused by more traditional charity-based healthcare models.

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