Manila Space

Background: How the idea for the building developed

The building is a partnership between one of our longest-standing partners, Stairway Foundation, a leading Filipino non-profit organization that works to ensure children are protected from all forms of abuse, and Firetree Philanthropy.

As part of its work, Stairway Foundation has led the development of the Break The Silence networkan advocacy and capacity building network that aims to stop child sexual abuse and exploitation. The network now has 45 active organizations nationwide and it registered as a separate legal entity in 2017.

This building was originally conceived in order to strengthen the presence in Manila of the Break The Silence Network and provide a dedicated space for the training programme. The vision and scope has grown from there.

The building is due for completion by approximately end of 2020.


The project is early-stage and we are seeking to make its development as open and collaborative as we can, in line with our vision for the building.


An exciting, collaborative space and community that facilitates new types of:

connection and sharing; learning and reflection; and cooperation between different organisations working with and for young people in the Philippines.


The project is designed to add value and strengthen the support ecosystem for youth-focused organisations. It is not designed to duplicate or compete with what is already there.

We want to be open, collaborative from the outset – and humble about what our core skills are and are not. As such, we are currently in a research phase that is mapping the similar spaces that already exist or are developing. We are also engaging with leaders of non-profits working with and for young people, to help us co-create this space. 


The space is open to youth-focused organisations across the Philippines, not just Metro Manila.

In line with the vision of the building to be a collaborative space, we’re looking to further develop the vision and programs for the building as collaboratively as we can. We’re excited to work with and develop ideas with a wide-range of like-minded organizations.


If you’re a social purpose organization working with young people, a social impact hub / community or an individual passionate about working with young people that would like to help shape this vision and space with us, we would be delighted to hear from you.


Please do feel free to reach out to Nicky Wilkinson for a chat. Thank you.


Overview of the building:

The building will be just over 1,000 square meters, a 5-storey building located in Makati, Manila. It is due for completion approximately end 2020.

The building layout will be as follows:

  • Floor 1: Café: we anticipate that this will be run by an existing, external social enterprise

  • Floor 2: Collaborative space for organizations working with and for young people in the Philippines.

  • Floor 3: Office space for Break The Silence Network, Stairway Foundation and Firetree Trust. We anticipate that there will also be some desks for like-minded organizations to use on a hot-desking basis.

  • Floor 4: Training space for Break The Silence Network training. This could also be used for other training when not in use by Break The Silence

  • Floor 5: Dormitories. These will be available for a limited number of individuals attending Break The Silence training from outside of Manila to stay for free. Likewise, individuals running youth organizations based outside of Manila will also be very welcome to make use of these facilities for free.



The building will be located in Palanan, Makati on the corner of Dayap Street and Florida Street, in between Taft Avenue and the Osmena Highway.


To learn more, feel free to read our space concept note as well as the building floorplan.

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