As part of our core commitment to constantly learning, this page aims to simply share some of the resources and research that we have found useful.


It’s by no means comprehensive – and we welcome additions to it. It’s simply designed to share resources that we frequently refer back to.


As with all papers and research it needs to be read critically and reflected upon, particularly as some of it is from different geographic contexts.


There are insights and principles in each of these that have been helpful in shaping our thinking and approach though and so we want to make them explicit. You can also read more on these in our Reflections section.



Exploring the new world: practical insights for funding, commissioning and managing in complexity. This research from Collaborate CIC and Newcastle Business School is one of the few we have seen that really explores this in depth and puts forward some valuable insights on how funders can better fund and deal with complexity.


Our friends at DESIAP are exploring how to navigate the challenges of evaluating impact in social innovation. They have developed this accessible paper, specifically for funding organisations, that explores possible alternative evaluation models. This report can be found here.



We have found the Transformational Change Leadership website a helpful and collaborative story-based resource exploring this.



Systems Change: A guide to what it is and how to do it from NPC gives an introductory overview. There is jargon in this, we find the ‘6 principles’ a helpful guide and framework though.


Thinking big: How to use Theory of Change for Systems Change, also by NPC. The ‘common pitfalls and rules of thumb’ table we have found as a helpful guide, both for NGOs and for funding organisations.

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